15 RD-Recommended Keto Desserts at Walmart

Munk Pack for dessert

Chrissy Arsenault, MBA, RDN, LD

Brief Guide: What to Look for in Keto Desserts at Walmart

Do you have a sweet tooth but want to stick with a keto lifestyle? Finding healthy desserts that are keto-friendly requires some preparation before you head to the grocery store!

If you’re looking for keto items at Walmart to eat for dessert, the best place to start is reading the nutrition facts panel on the back of foods.

Ask yourself these simple questions as you’re evaluating its nutrient profile:

  1. Is it high in fat? Ideally, it should have at least 3-5 grams of fat per serving. If it’s lower than that, are there foods you might be able to pair it with that are higher in fat content?
  2. Is it low in net carbs? The best keto products at Walmart should have less than 5-8 grams of net carbs per serving and contain minimal added sugars. Learn how to calculate net carbs.
  3. Does it contain a moderate amount of protein? Eating too much protein could potentially prevent ketosis. However, a moderate intake may help preserve muscle. [1]
  4. Does it contain ingredients that you’re familiar with? The shorter the ingredient list, the better. Try to choose foods that do not contain artificial ingredients and preservatives.

If you’ve answered “yes” to all three questions, the keto items at Walmart that you’re looking at are keto-friendly! In addition to keto desserts, check out top keto grocery items here to add to your shopping cart.

As time allows, you can also evaluate other elements of the nutrition label like vitamins and minerals, protein content, and sodium content. However, checking for fat, net carbs, protein, and ingredients are most important for keto.

Why Add Keto Desserts to Your Diet?

By choosing to eat low carb desserts Walmart offers, you may reap some unique health benefits. Even if you aren’t following a keto diet or lifestyle, adding keto desserts to your diet can help you stay on track with achieving a healthier lifestyle. 

Here are some of the reasons why adding keto desserts to your daily regimen may help:

  • Reduce your sugar intake. Many American desserts are rich in added sugars and carbs. This can result in nasty sugar (and insulin) spikes. Over time, this can contribute to chronic diseases such as diabetes. By limiting your dessert choices to keto, you can count on lower carb and sugar intake overall. [2]
  • Emphasis on fresh, whole foods. Many snacks are processed and contain empty calories that don’t contribute any nutritional value. Keto snacks are often made with simple, whole foods that help provide essential macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • High in heart-healthy fats. As long as we choose mostly plant-based keto snacks, the fats found in these foods can help raise our good cholesterol and lower our bad cholesterol. Heart disease is a public health concern in the United States, so keeping our heart muscle strong and healthy is crucial!
  • Satisfying, filling foods. For those looking to achieve or maintain a healthy weight or often feel hungry throughout the day, keto snacks can help stave off hunger. [3] [4]
  • May help with performance. If you’re active, following a keto diet may help boost athletic performance. [5]

keto meal planning

15 RD-Recommended Keto Desserts at Walmart

I’ll start off the list with plant-based keto products at Walmart that are nutritious, delicious, and offered at reasonable prices.
  • Cocoa Roasted or Honey Roasted Almonds

great value cocoa almonds

Serving Size: 1oz (28g or about 28 nuts)

Total Fat: 14g

Net Carbs: 2g

At Walmart, Great Value Almonds come in several sweet flavors to help satisfy your sweet tooth, including cocoa or honey roasted. If you’re used to having salted or unsalted almonds, try this sweet twist on nuts! 

Almonds are one of my favorite tree nuts because they provide sustained energy throughout the day on my busy days. They’re rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, and other essential nutrients. Learn more about the health benefits of almonds and how to incorporate them into your diet.

  • Pumpkin Spice Pudding

pumpkin spice pudding

Serving Size: ~½ cup (recipe makes 2 servings)

Total Fat: 10g

Net Carbs: 6g


    • Pinch of pumpkin spice
    • ½ cup pumpkin (puree)
    • 1 tsp allulose or monk fruit
    • ¼ cup unsalted Freshness Guaranteed or Great Value pepitas 
    • (Optional) ½ cup dairy-free whipping cream

Craving pumpkin pie but holding back because of the carbs? Don’t worry – this quick recipe with ingredients available at your local Walmart will help! Add all ingredients to a food processor or blender and top with additional pepitas and whipping cream as desired.

Pepitas are like pumpkin seeds but are slightly larger and harvested from specific squash pumpkins that often lack shells. They are also sweeter and have a nuttier taste compared to pumpkin seeds (which makes them perfect for dessert recipes). From a nutrition perspective, pepitas are rich in healthy MUFAs, dietary fiber, plant-based protein, antioxidants, magnesium, and zinc. 

Pumpkins may be high in total carbs (10g per ½ cup) but they’re high in fiber (3g per ½ cup). This means that they’re lower in net carbs compared to other starchy vegetables and provide a natural sweetness. In small quantities, you can enjoy pumpkin puree as part of keto recipes like this one.

  • Nut Butter Malt

nut butter malt

Serving Size: 6 fluid ounces 

Total Fat: 6-10g

Net Carbs: 2-5g


    • ½ cup nut butter or seed butter, such as Sam’s Choice Creamy Almond Butter
    • ½ cup non-dairy milk, such as Great Value Unsweetened Almond Milk
    • (Optional) Unsweetened cocoa powder
    • (Optional) Ice cubes
    • (Optional) Allulose or monk fruit

Creamy milkshakes are delicious – but also loaded with added sugars. Instead, why not try a nut butter malt?

With as few as two simple ingredients, with other optional ingredients depending on your preference and preferred sweetness, nut butter malts are a frosty sweet dessert that you can easily add to your rotation.  

There are several excellent choices for your nut butter and non-dairy milk to add to your Walmart keto shopping list. Just be sure to read the nutrition label to check for as little added sugars as possible. If you need to add more sweetness to this keto dessert, start with unsweetened cocoa powder or allulose.

  • Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars

munk pack keto nut & seed bar

Serving Size: 1 bar (35g)

Total Fat: 12-13g

Net Carbs: 2-3g

Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars contain heart-healthy MUFAs, only 2-3g net carbs, and 1g sugar or less per bar. The ingredient list consists of a better-for-you mix of nuts, seeds, nut butter, and allulose.

Allulose is a sweetener found naturally in small amounts in maple syrup, figs, and raisins. Munk Pack’s source is produced from non-GMO corn. I personally love allulose because it has virtually no impact on blood sugar and insulin so that you can avoid blood sugar spikes that contribute to chronic disease.

These bars are a perfect blend of sweet and salty – in my opinion, they’re the tastiest keto bars Walmart offers. But don’t take my word for it – take a look at the sparkling reviews and ratings before you buy. For example, one of the reviews on Walmart.com states: “Most keto snacks are okay, but this one has a very good taste! [It’s] even like a treat.”

Try all three varieties available at Walmart today:

*Only available in select Walmart stores, so check your local store’s availability before shopping in-store or pickup.

  • Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars

munk pack keto granola bar

Serving Size: 1 bar (32g)

Total Fat: 12-13g

Net Carbs: 2-3g

So chewy and delicious, without any of the guilt! If you’re used to eating high carb, oat-based granola bars to fuel your outdoor activities, I’m sure that switching to a keto lifestyle has been tough because of the low net carb intake that is needed on keto. 

Thankfully, Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars are one of the best keto bars Walmart offers. They only contain 1g of sugar and 2-3g of net carbs. These keto granola bars are made with nutritious nuts and seeds to help provide steady energy throughout the day and help you stay full, instead of your typical oats. They’re also lightly sweetened with allulose.

Start your day or fuel your afternoon with delicious nutrition regardless of whether or not you are following a keto diet. Shopping for keto desserts at Walmart doesn’t get any easier than this.

Try both varieties of Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars available in select Walmart stores:

*Only available in select Walmart stores, so check your local store’s availability before shopping in-store or pickup.

  • Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Serving Size: 3 squares (30g)

Total Fat: 17g

Net Carbs: 5g

Yes, you read that correctly. Chocolate made it on our list of low carb desserts Walmart offers! Unlike milk chocolate or white chocolate that typically contains lots of added sugar and milk solids, dark chocolate can be a healthy choice for a keto lifestyle.

Sam’s Choice dark chocolate with 90% cocoa solids is smooth, rich, and only lightly sweet so that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding too many carbs to your diet.

Dark chocolate is more concentrated in cocoa content, which means they are higher in healthy flavanol content. Flavanols can help lower your blood sugars and reduce your risk for heart disease. 

Enjoy dark chocolate in moderation as the net carb content is on the higher side. One serving is considered three squares, so be smart with your portions and save some to enjoy throughout the week!

  • Dairy-Free “Yogurt”

dairy free yogurt

Serving Size: ¾ cup (170g)

Total Fat: Depends, usually 6-16g

Net Carbs: Depends, usually 7-8g 

At Walmart, you can find several dairy-free, nut-based yogurts made with coconut, cashews, or almonds to satisfy your sweet craving. Many of these have a creamy texture, nutty taste and are fortified with essential nutrients like vitamin D and calcium (typically found in cow’s milk yogurt).

Make sure to check the fat content as some of the lighter dairy-free yogurts may skimp out on some of the healthy fats from nuts. If the yogurt isn’t sweet enough to your liking, consider sprinkling some allulose or monk fruit on top. 

If you are craving ice cream or gelato, consider freezing your non-dairy yogurt in a freezer-friendly container and enjoy it as a frozen sweet treat!

  • Berries 


Serving Size: 1 cup 

Total Fat: Depends, usually 0-1g

Net Carbs: Depends, usually 5-10g

Before you dismiss all fruits on a keto diet, consider keeping berries in your rotation! Although the total carb content is higher than most keto foods, many berries are high in dietary fiber content, so the net or impact carbs are much lower than you’d expect.

Here is the net carb breakdown for a 3.5oz or 100g serving of berries:

    • Blackberries: 4.9g net carbs
    • Raspberries: 5.4g net carbs
    • Strawberries: 5.7g net carbs
    • Blueberries: 12.1g net carbs

Berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K, and more. Just be sure to enjoy them in moderation and stick to one serving.

If you need an additional touch of sweetness, consider sprinkling monk fruit or allulose on your berries or dip your berries in dairy-free whipping cream – they complement berries really well and make them truly taste like dessert! Allulose can sometimes be hard to find in certain Walmart stores, so monk fruit sweetener is a close second choice.

  • Keto Pistachio Ice Cream

keto pistacio ice cream

Serving Size: ½ cup (1 serving)

Total Fat: 20g

Net Carbs: 3-4g


    • 2 cups dairy-free whipping cream
    • 1 ripe avocado
    • 3-4oz Great Value Shelled Pistachios
    • 1 tsp allulose or monk fruit (adjust to your desired level of sweetness)

Craving a frozen treat in the afternoon or evening? Don’t miss out on a keto dessert made with Great Value Shelled Pistachios. Add all ingredients into a food processor or ice cream maker and freeze for at least 20 minutes before enjoying.

In addition to their great taste, pistachios are rich in nutrients such as heart-healthy fats, fiber, protein, B-vitamins, antioxidants, and thiamine. Paired with a delicious avocado and whipping cream, you can enjoy plenty of heart-healthy fats in this keto dessert without eating too many net carbs.

  • Strawberry Avocado “Milkshake”

strawberry avocado shake

Serving Size: 1 “milkshake”

Total Fat: 14g

Net Carbs: 3-4g


    • 2oz frozen strawberries
    • ½ cup Great Value Unsweetened Almond Milk
    • ½ avocado
    • (Optional) Allulose or monk fruit
    • (Optional) Top with dairy-free whipping cream

This creamy, rich, and sweet dessert “milkshake” recipe calls for just four simple ingredients that are all available at Walmart. I personally think the natural sweetness from strawberries is sufficient for this recipe, but I know many clients like to add a sweetener of their choice and decorate the “milkshake” with whipping cream. 

  • Nut Butter Energy Balls

nut butter energy balls

Serving Size: 8-10 balls

Total Fat: 15-18g

Net Carbs: 6-9g


    • ½ cup smooth nut butter, like Sam’s Choice Creamy Almond Butter
    • 2 oz keto-friendly sweetener in a syrup format (like those sweetened with monk fruit)
    • ¼ cup coconut or almond flour
    • 1 tsp melted coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and form small balls. Place on a parchment paper-lined plate or tray and cool for 20 minutes! Nut butter on its own is pretty sticky, so either coconut or almond flour along with coconut oil helps keep the balls together. Packed with healthy fats and lightly sweetened, you can bring these keto desserts with you on the go when you’re at work, on the road, or busy at your kids’ sporting events!

The last couple of snacks on this list are omnivore-friendly:
  • Keto Egg Pancakes

keto egg pancakes

Serving Size: 1 large pancake

Total Fat: 34g

Net Carbs: 3g


    • 2 eggs
    • 2oz cream cheese (softened, at room temperature)
    • 1 tsp allulose
    • 1 tsp coconut oil for frying
    • (Optional) Top with nut butter, berries, cinnamon, and/or heavy whipping cream

You don’t need flour to enjoy keto-friendly pancakes as dessert anytime during the day. Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth, and then fry on a nonstick pan with melted coconut oil. 

This recipe is keto and better-for-you since it contains eggs and coconut oil. Eggs are rich in many essential vitamins, minerals, and lutein, a nutrient that supports eye health and reduces inflammation. And, coconut oil is rich in healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that are used efficiently in your body. These pancakes will be sweet enough to count as dessert on their own, but feel free to add other keto toppings to it!

  • Keto Gummies & Candy

Keto Gummy Bears - Kirbie's Cravings

Serving Size: Depends

Total Fat: Usually 0g (fat-free)

Net Carbs: Depends, 2-5g

Walmart has started to carry several keto-friendly gummy candies – some examples of brands that I saw in-store included Kiss My Keto and Smart Sweets. These candies are high in total carbs but seem to contain soluble fibers from corn or tapioca starch, which means that their net carb content is acceptable on keto. 

Although they can fit into your keto lifestyle from a net carbs perspective, try to enjoy them in moderation and read the nutrition label very carefully. Also, try to pair this dessert with another food that is higher in fat content!

  • Equate Keto Fat Cups

equate keto fat cups

Serving Size: 1 piece (17g)

Total Fat: 8g

Net Carbs: 1g

Equate is Walmart’s private label brand for healthcare products. You’ll find this tasty Walmart item in the nutrition aisle.

Made with milk chocolate, MCT oil, peanut butter, peanut flour, and sweetened with stevia and erythritol, this keto dessert is convenient and contains fats to support ketosis. They contain 1g carbs and 0g added sugar to help keep your sugar intake low! These peanut butter cups are one of the few ready-to-eat keto desserts at Walmart.

  • Keto Granola Yogurt Parfait

keto granola parfait

Serving Size: ¾ cup (170g)

Total Fat: Depends, 18-22g

Net Carbs: Depends, 6-8g

Depending on the Walmart store, you’ll be able to find 5% milkfat Greek yogurt. If not, look for Great Value Plain Greek Yogurt, which boasts 6g of fat and is made with whole milk.

Yogurt contains probiotics to support digestion and help you stay full throughout the day. Additionally, Greek yogurt is typically higher in vitamin D and calcium, which support bone health.

By topping with pieces of a Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar (flavor of your choice), you can transform your regular Greek yogurt into a delicious and better-for-you yogurt parfait.

5 Reasons to Stock Up on Keto Desserts

You may not need all of the items from this list in one shopping trip! But there are many reasons why you might want to stock up on your favorite keto desserts next time you’re at Walmart.

  1. Never go hungry: There’s nothing worse than scanning your fridge and pantry, only to find nothing to eat – and then having to go out to find food. If you keep better-for-you keto desserts on hand, you won’t have to be hungry (or hangry!).
  2. Satisfy your sweet tooth: Does anyone else get a sweet tooth in the evenings while watching TV? Rather than reaching out for ice cream or baked desserts, you can count on some of the sweet keto desserts I’ve listed out above.
  3. Prevent overeating at mealtimes: I encourage many clients to eat at least three meals and two snacks per day so that they don’t go into any meal feeling famished. Dinner is often one of the meals where people overeat due to several hours passing since their last meal. With keto desserts at your fingertips as snacks, you can keep your meal portions manageable.
  4. Support your busy lifestyle: We all have good intentions to eat healthily, but life often gets in the way. If we design our environment by keeping healthy keto snacks in our car, bag, desk, pantry, and fridge, we can ensure that our busy lives don’t interrupt our health journey.
  5. Stick with a low-carb diet: One of the critiques of the keto diet is that it’s hard to consistently follow. Make it easy on yourself by being prepared and stocked up on snacks. Even if you’re not following keto, having low-carb keto desserts on hand can support your health.

The Bottom Line

If you love sweet treats but don’t want to eat too many net carbs, don’t worry! There are several healthy keto-friendly choices to add to your shopping list today. Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars and Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars are among my favorite keto desserts at Walmart!

Remember to check with your physician or registered dietitian before making any lifestyle changes or starting a new diet.

What else would you like to know about keto snacks? Comment below and let me know!


All images except stock images are from Walmart.comAll nutrition information from real items at Walmart and on Walmart.com/Walmart Online Grocery Pickup.

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