3 Benefits of Breakfast

granola bar with tea and notebook

If you think your busy schedule is preventing you from making time for breakfast, we have good news: it doesn’t have to! The benefits of breakfast are plentiful; many tout it for being the most important meal of the day, and that’s for good reason. A breakfast can be as easy as a simple keto bar, protein cookie, or bowl of oatmeal if you have more time. 

That said, we get that not everyone is a breakfast person. Those who are into intermittent fasting may choose to forgo this early morning meal if it doesn’t fit into their eating window. Even for these people, though, breakfast could just be your first meal of the day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be eaten in the morning, so if you’re worried about missing out on these ideas, worry no more! Everyone can enjoy incorporating these delicious ideas into their daily routines whenever they “break the fast.”  

#1 – Breakfast Keeps You Focused for the Day Ahead

Your body fasts while you sleep, so it’s important to refuel and get yourself nourished when you wake up, especially if your last meal of the day tends to be on the earlier side of the evening. The sooner you eat after waking up, the more benefits you’ll reap from breakfast. Giving yourself a healthy bit of glucose can be the jumpstart your brain and body need to kick everything into gear. Try to avoid waiting until lunch for your first meal, unless of course you’re practicing intermittent fasting. In that case, just make sure to stick to your eating window. Having breakfast will give you the energy you need for better concentration, reduced stress levels, improved focus, and a better mood overall. 

# 2 – Eating Breakfast Could be the First Step Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Let’s admit it: when we’re feeling ravenously hungry, pretty much anything looks good. That makes it way too easy to reach for a sugary muffin or a buttery croissant. Sure, those may taste good at the moment, but they won’t do you any favors once the sugar high drops off and you’re left with the crash. Eating a healthy breakfast early on could help prevent you from getting too hungry later on in the morning so you can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle overall. When you do inevitably get hungry, it won’t be to the same degree as if you skipped breakfast altogether, so you’ll be able to make smarter choices for your body and your mind. This is true for breakfast, but really all meals.

# 3 – Breakfast is a Great Way to Fill Up on the Good Stuff

Starting the day with breakfast can set you off on the right path towards a day full of good nutrition. When the first meal of your day is a nourishing one, you’ll want to continue that streak throughout the rest of your day. Start it off well with easy foods packed with nutrients and flavor. Our Blueberry Almond Vanilla Keto Granola Bar™, for example, is the perfect alternative to your morning blueberry muffin. Chewy, sweet, and a little bit savory, this bar is the perfect way to start your day off with delicious nutrition. Grain-free, gluten-free, and plant-based, every Keto Granola Bar™ from Munk Pack has 1g of sugar or less, between 2-3g net carbs*, and 4-5g protein to keep you full, satisfied, and energized for whatever lies ahead. 

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Breakfast

Planning ahead is the secret to enjoying the benefits of breakfast. Sit down over the weekend and take just 5-10 minutes to plan out the breakfasts or even all the meals for your week. This could be as easy as writing down which Nut & Seed bar you’re going to eat or putting together some overnight oats so they’re ready for the morning. There’s a saying that goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” We may not go that far, but we are advocates of setting yourself up for success. Why leave it to chance, especially when breakfast with Munk Pack could be easy, delicious, and enjoyable? 

Make things simple and don’t over complicate it. Stock up on convenient, ready-to-eat items like Keto Bars and Protein Cookies. Give yourself a delicious source of feel-good, balanced nutrition to get all the benefits of breakfast whenever you have it.

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