Jo Savage with her dog enoying outdoor activities

We’re psyched to launch our new blog series highlighting our awesome team of Athletes + Explorers. First up, we’re interviewing Jo Savage, AKA @savagedangerwolf. Read on and find out what she’s all about!

Summer Travel Plans:  My plans tend to fall into place without much notice! I tend to be on the road every week or two cruising to another awesome place in the Wonderful West.  I document and enjoy camping, climbing, fly fishing, hiking and overall adventuring. A friend and I are trying to pull together a photo/video project of a multi-sport, cultural, and tropical get away around August… so we shall see!

Song of the Summer:  This is an awesome question because I spend so much time on the road.  Currently on the positive, upbeat vibes of “Not My Day” by Keith James feat. CeeLo Green.

Bucket List Travel Destination:  Cuba, Australia and New Zealand.

Favorite Photo Shoot of 2017:  I took a ten day Baja and SoCal road trip with my girls right after Outdoor Retailer at the beginning of February.  We camped on a desolate beach south of Tijuana and on a bluff in Encinitas.  I shot for ten different projects during that time and we had an absolute blast and ate countless tacos!  Girl time is so important.

Travel Essentials/Hacks:  I always take my reusable water bottle, coffee mug, and a “Bluey” on the road.  A Bluey is a 7 gallon blue, BPA free water tank that I can fill for $2, or free- from the water hose.  That way I have plenty of water for my dog, Boy, and me, without using multiple single-use plastic water containers.  I can refill my Hydroflask with water for free at any convenient store soda machine, and I can get all the coffee I want (and often times at a discount for bringing my own cup).  This is a wonderful way to reduce my waste.

Your Spirit Animal:  I’m definitely channel a dolphin, wolf and tiger. Rawr.