Beat the 3pm Slump with These Energy Boosting Tips

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Written by Ria Thakur, RDN

Picture this: It’s sometime between 2 and 4pm and you can’t focus on your work anymore, hunger pangs are starting to set in, yet you still have a few more hours of work left to do. Sound familiar? Well, this is for you!

Use these tips below to get a boost of energy and beat the 3pm slump:

Fresh Air

Getting some fresh air is a great way to break the day up, step away from your desk and take a quick break to rejuvenate. Bonus – add in some movement and get your blood flowing! Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air can give you the jolt of energy you need to come back to work ready to get things done!


We all know exercise is good for your health, but there are added benefits when you’re feeling tired! Movement helps get the blood flowing and provides more oxygen to the brain, which may help you feel more alert. An easy way to incorporate exercise into your busy workday is with a 10-15 minute walk or keeping weights by your desk for a quick lifting session.

Balanced Snacks

Instead of reaching for a sugary 100 calorie snack pack or that “empty carb”, go for something more substantial that will actually give you the energy needed to make it to dinner. Aim for a combination of protein and fat with some fiber. The protein and fat will keep you full while satisfying your hunger hormones and fiber will fill up your stomach with volume.

Here some combinations using this formula:

    – Apples and peanut butter
    – Cucumbers and hummus
    – Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar paired with chia seed pudding
    – Plant based ranch dip and baby carrots
    – Banana and almond butter
    – Vanilla coconut yogurt with Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bar crumbled on top
    – Add healthy fats to your diet

When it comes to fat, go for healthy fats rich in omega 3s which can help improve cognitive function.

Foods that are high in omega 3s include:

    – Walnuts
    – Chia seeds
    – Flax seeds
    – Tofu
    – Avocado oil
    – Avocados
    – Brussels sprouts


Make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day. Not drinking enough water can affect your alertness, focus and short-term memory. It can also lead to confusion and fatigue. I recommend getting at least 64oz of water every day or more if you’re active/sweating and taking a water break mid-afternoon to rehydrate.

    Tip: If the whole day usually goes by without you remembering to break for water, I find setting an alert on my phone or even using an app like this one really helps!

    Bonus: Make refreshing spa water by adding frozen strawberries & mint to your water! These add a burst of freshness and flavor and make drinking water more fun! Also, make sure to keep a water bottle at your desk and bring it with you wherever you go.


Listening to your favorite music can lift your spirits and give you a burst of energy and creativity to last through the day. Triple points if you listen to it on a walk while getting some fresh air outside!

Call a Friend or Chat with a Coworker

Connecting with other humans and socializing has great benefits. Socialization can help improve our mental and emotional health and it can help sharpen memory and other cognitive skills. Call a friend or chat with a coworker to help you destress.

Vitamin D

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to fatigue or lack of energy, so you want to make sure you are getting plenty! While you can get natural vitamin D by enjoying the sunshine outside, you can also get it through foods like mushrooms, supplements, and foods fortified with vitamin D like soy milk, almond milk and orange juice.

Stand Up and Sit Down

Alternate between sitting and standing up at your desk to keep the blood flowing and to keep you more engaged with your work. This can also help keep your metabolism up and your body active.

I hope you found these tips helpful! I recommend starting with just incorporating two-three tips from this list to help you beat the 3pm slump and get a boost of energy. Add in more of these tips into your routine to create some healthy habits.

Have any questions or comments? Let us know below!

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