hiking food

hiking food

Whether you are preparing for a multi-day trek along the PCT or a day hike in your local state park, packing the right snacks is essential to fueling your adventure. There is nothing worse than cutting your time in the great outdoors short when hunger strikes. Take charge of your hunger and charge down the trail with full confidence and a daypack full of energizing backpacking and hiking food. With a little planning, you can embark on your journey with delicious trail food that will keep you going from sunrise to sunset.

The best hiking food is something that will not only keep you full, but also keep you looking forward to snack time. When packing for your hike or backpacking trip, it is important to think about your snack’s durability, freshness, nutritional value, and of course taste. With so many options, it is easy to opt for a generic granola bar. However, there are plenty of better options that will keep your stamina up and hunger down. Make the most of your next adventure by packing (and snacking) like a pro.

best hiking foodPACK IN THE PROTEIN

An essential part of packing for a hike or camping trip is by ensuring you have plenty of protein in your snack arsenal. Protein will not only satisfy your hunger, but it will also keep your energy levels up. High protein snacks are perfect for outdoor adventures because they are space and weight efficient, while simultaneously delivering ultimate results. However, protein-packed energy bars or granola bars can taste artificial and end up neglected at the bottom of your daypack. Lucky for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, there are plenty of protein-rich options that are naturally delicious.

Protein options we are nuts about are both peanut butter and almond butter. These irresistible and high protein spreads are incredibly diverse and always deliver in the protein department. Whichever nutty butter you prefer can be spread on top of apples or celery, on top of crispy treats such as rice cakes or crackers, or on a good, old-fashioned piece of bread. No matter how you slice it, these nutty butters are a hiking, backpacking, and camping staple that will keep you satisfied wherever the trail takes you.

It is a common misconception that protein can only come from animal products like beef jerky, but our vegan Protein Cookies deliver 18 grams of powerful plant protein. In four delicious flavors, Munk Pack’s Protein Cookies are the perfect on-the-go snack or celebratory dessert after a long day of trekking. From Coconut White Chip Macadamia to Double Dark Chocolate, our protein-packed cookies provide a complete amino acid profile while leaving you feeling satisfied and energized for the hike ahead. Whether you are hiking the Grand Canyon or the Appalachian trail, these cookies will keep you going through any kind of camping trip!

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When selecting trekking food for your next hike, you should consider the durability of your snacks. Pulling a bruised and mushy banana out of your pack can put a major damper on your highly-anticipated and well-deserved snack time. Similarly, a bag of Goldfish can quickly resemble a bag of fish food after getting crushed by a reusable water bottle in the bottom of your backpack. Avoid these snacking sorrows by selecting foods that can withstand the trials of the trail.

When hiking, it is hard to beat a hearty, DIY trail mix. Combine your favorite nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and sweets to make the perfect mix for your pallet. You can easily grab a handful of trail mix and continue trailblazing, making it an excellent option. The nuts in trail mix provide protein, while the dried fruit and sweets deliver a sugary energy boost. Above all, trail mix can hold its own in your pack without spoiling or crumbling throughout the day.

On the trail, we often crave “real” food, but it can be a challenge finding substantial non-perishables. This is why we love our durable and delectable Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes. In five amazing flavors, Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes are as nutritious as they are delicious. With real fruit, whole grains, omega-3s, and a convenient resealable pouch, it is no surprise these are a hiking essential.  


After a long day of sweating it out on the trail, a fresh, hydrating snack can really hit the spot. Although fresh fruits and veggies are harder to sustain on longer thru-hikes, if you are embarking on a day-trek, diversify your snack pack by bringing some pre-chopped produce. Sliced bell peppers, carrots, and cucumbers make a hydrating a refreshing medley. Up the ante by sprinkling your veggie mix with a little salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning. However, do not go too heavy on the salt to avoid dehydrating yourself while you are out on the trail.

In addition to veggies, fruits are another hiking staple. Sliced fruits such as apples can be topped with cinnamon for a snack that is as refreshing as it is satisfying. For a simple snack that you cannot go wrong with, throw a few easy to peel tangerines and oranges into your bag. On particularly warm days, freeze grapes the night prior for some cool, sweet snacking. These juicy fruits will help diversify your snack selection, keeping both you and your appetite happy.

Overall, your hiking food list should include a range of protein-rich, durable, and refreshing snacks. When in doubt, it is safest to over-pack when venturing into the great outdoors so you are not left rushing back to the car on account of a grumbling stomach. There is nothing better than reaching a beautiful outlook point on a hike and pausing to soak in the moment. By packing a range of satisfying snacks to accompany this moment, you are setting yourself up for a successful day with mother nature. Happy trails, and happy snacking!