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You’€™ve seen the Instagram pictures of all of the rad climbers and you’€™re inspired to try it yourself. Do you want to start climbing, but don’€™t know where to start? Maybe you don’€™t have the right gear or friends to climb with. I’€™d love to teach you how to get started because it changed my life! – Munk Pack Athlete @tammyfaye

Find a Climbing Gym.

Most places, from major cities to small town USA have climbing gyms. This is an amazing place to begin learning how to climb. Somebody will literally show you the ropes. I’€™d recommend looking up the closest gym to you, and get after it!

First time? Not a problem!

All gyms offer day passes and rentals, from shoes to harnesses, chalk, and everything else you will need. Once you get to the gym make sure to tell the climbers working at the front desk that it’€™s your first time learning how to climb. They can suggest classes for you to take and help you get the gear you’€™ll need. So now you’€™ve tried it and you love it. It’€™s time to sign up for a membership and eventually get around to buying your own gear.

Classes are great tools!

They can give you the knowledge to feel more confident on the rock, and help with the basics of climbing. It’€™s also an easy way to meet people who you can start climbing with because climbing is naturally a social sport.

Now get outside!

Once you get more comfortable climbing in a gym and you have your own gear, you can start to transition to the world of outdoor climbing. It’€™s a wonderful community and also an awesome workout while hanging out with your friends. Combine some rocks, the right gear, safety knowledge, Munk Pack snacks and friends and it’€™s hard to go wrong.