Delicious Holiday Gift Boxes

Protein Cookie Gift Box

Give your loved ones what they really want this season – a surprise package that’s guilt-free and delicious! Our Munk Pack Holiday Gift Boxes come complete with a sampler pack of your choice of Protein Cookies or Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes, a unique Munk Pack camper coffee mug, as well as a reusable Munk Pack tote. Perfect for the adventurer, gluten free foodie, or the wellness warrior!

wellness warriorWellness Warrior:
Superfoods are one thing your wellness warrior won’t forget about this holiday season. Give friends and family a gift that is perfect for nutrition on the go, throw a personalized tote and coffee mug in the mix and you truly can’t go wrong. The Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze Holiday Gift Box is equipped with all three. Shop now before they run out!


Two healthy packaged snacks that will complement your yogi’s daily practices. Whether it’s kicking off the yoga session with a little extra protein or refueling with whole grains and superfoods, the Munk Pack Holiday Gift Boxes are thoughtfully curated to provide your yogi with well balanced vegan snacks, a Munk Pack tote and a Munk Pack mug.



plant pusherPlant Pusher:
Do you have that one family member or friend who’s always seeking out the best plant-based products to fuel their adventures? Problem solved: Give them tasty cookies packed with 18 grams of plant protein! Delicious, soft-baked cookies that are great for on the go and a treat your veg head will love!



outdoor adventurerOutdoor Adventurer:
When you find that perfect spot to stop and take in the view, it’s likely that you will also find your stomach is starting to rumble and is ready for some fuel. Our Protein Cookie Holiday Gift Box is great for some extra protein and a much-needed energy boost pre, during, and post holiday adventures.



cookie monsterCookie Monster:
The Munk Pack Holiday Gift Boxes are perfect for those who love to snack. From delicious plant-based protein cookies to nutritious oatmeal on the go, our gift boxes will provide a variety of tasty treats to the foodie in your life.

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