Here’s Why Keto Granola Bars Make the Perfect Snack

Munk pank keto granola bar

Spending long hours at your desk, binge-watching the latest Netflix series, or a grueling workout session may all be signs that you’re due for a snack. Instead of reaching for the nearest candy bar, why not try something delicious and nutritious like a keto granola bar? Full of texture and flavor but low in sugar, keto granola bars make the perfect snack.

Grain Free is the Way to Be
Most granola bars are made out of oats and whole grains, but keto granola bars do things a little differently. Instead of grains, keto granola bars use nuts and coconut to make it easier for your body to attain all the feel-good nutrients. While grains may be fine for some people, they may upset others’ stomachs. Why risk it… with a healthy source of fats and an equally delicious, chewy consistency, these bars will make you forget you ever went for grains in the first place.

Gluten-Free Granola Bars
Another common culprit for digestive distress is gluten. Not everyone has the same reaction to gluten, but if there was an easy way to try a tasty, gluten-free snack, wouldn’t you try it? Keto granola bars are gluten-free so everyone can enjoy them without having to worry about the after effects.

Low-Sugar Granola Bars
Most granola bars taste great, but that’s probably due to the hidden sugars manufacturers sneak in. Our keto granola bars have just 1 g of sugar per bar, whereas the other guys have a whopping 7 g of sugar (on average!) per granola bar. So how do we keep our bars so delicious? We use allulose, which has neither an aftertaste nor a major impact on blood sugar levels. Lower your sugar cravings, get the energy you need, all while finding a snack that tastes great? It seems too good to be true, but Munk Pack makes it happen.

Keto-Friendly Granola Bars
As you probably already guessed, keto granola bars are keto-friendly! They have just 2-3g of net carbs per bar, which means snacking on them won’t take you out of ketosis if that’s your goal. Even if you’re not keto, you’ll enjoy these bars for the steady dose of energy they release, as opposed to other sugar laden bars that could make you spike and then crash.

Lots of Flavor Options
The great thing about granola bars (especially when you get the variety pack) is that there are lots of flavor options, so everyone can find the one that suits their taste buds. Choose from delicious flavors like coconut cocoa chip, almond butter cocoa chip, blueberry almond vanilla, peanut butter, and honey nut, or try them all!

Keep your belly and your taste buds satisfied with grain-free keto granola bars from Munk Pack. Find your favorite flavor when you shop with us today. Happy snacking!

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