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"For a non-chew midrun carb hit, try this oatmeal-like gel. It tastes great and goes down easy. Also good as a prerun snack." - Runner's World, Best Fuel for Runners 2017

"Munk Packs are real food, not too sweet, in convenient packaging. The brand's new maple flavor contains maple syrup, oatmeal, pear, apple, flax and quinoa, giving it a cooked oatmeal-like consistency. It's rich in carbs (20 grams) and fiber (3 grams), and contains 90 calories per pouch."

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"Going off the grid? Going for a hike? Sitting at your desk? Most importantly: hungry? This is the latest flavor from Munk Packs, and it'€™s packed full of fun: Omega-3€™s, fiber, protein and real fruit. Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and tasty as hell." - Gear Patrol, April 2016


"Squeeze packs are hot right now. But while most taste like a smoothie gone awry, this one blends fruit and oats into a satisfying treat." - Outside Magazine, 2015-2016 Winter Buyer's Guide


"Rethink your typical oatmeal with Munk Pack, a satisfying mix of whole grain rolled oats, flax, and delicious fruits that provides an excellent source of fiber and energy to sustain you throughout the day. The best part of Munk Pack is that each serving is packed into a pouch that you can eat on-the-road." - Huffington Post Taste


"These squishy treats (they come in three flavors) have lots of healthy ingredients you can feel good about ingesting like oatmeal, fruit, and ground flax. They don't seem to enter the bloodstream as fast as the chews but they do provide a longer boost. Best for: breakfast replacement." - Powder Magazine


"Munk Pack is not only easier to consume and digest than a bar before or during a long run, but also contain up to 550 milligrams of Omega-3s and 4 grams of fiber due to the rolled oats and flax, which helps to sustain that energy. It'€™s hard to believe each 4.2-ounce pouch contains only 100 calories with how much dense nutrition it packs—”our staff liked Apple Quinoa Cinnamon best. It reminded us of apple cinnamon pie, but not as sweet and much healthier!" -

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"These non-GMO squeeze packs were lauded by testers for the slightly heartier texture, thanks to the gluten-free oatmeal and other whole grains...they make a great one-handed breakfast on race morning or on the way to an early-morning run." - Triathlete Magazine, June 2015

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"Luckily, the folks at Munk Pack have heard your inarticulate cries for more food that doesn'€™t require teeth. Munk Pack is whole-grain oatmeal in a squeezy pouch, coming in three flavors: apple quinoa cinnamon, blueberry acai flax and raspberry coconut." -


"Instead of oatmeal raisin cookies...An oats-and-fruit pouch is a novel way to get that combination of sweet and toothsome, at a way lower calorie count. These fruit squeezes from Munk Pack run between 80 and 100 calories each, and combine fruits such as apples, blueberries, bananas, acai, raspberries and coconut with an assortment of grains ranging from oats to quinoa to flax." - Oprah Winfrey Network +


"Side by side, New York City couple Michelle Leutzinger and Tobias Glienke scaled trails and climbed the corporate ladder. Time and again, they struggled to find healthy on-the-go food. The solution? Pre-made smoothies that are re-closeable and packable." - Gear Junkie

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"Skipping dinner is hard. Skipping breakfast is easy. Get your busy day started right with Munk Pack Oatmeal. Available in three tasty flavors: Apple Cinnamon Quinoa, Blueberry Acai Flax, and Raspberry Coconut —€” they offer plenty of fiber, real oat, and fruit chunks to keep you going all morning." -

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"Outstanding texture and flavor, quality ingredients and energy, and packaging that allows it to be accessed and eaten while moving on the trail make this a very appealing product to the outdoor athlete." -

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"No matter how many times you hear the words, "€œBreakfast is the most important meal of the day," you still can'€™t manage to carve out enough time early in your day for a decent meal. Next time you'€™re heading out the door in a hurry, grab a Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze." -

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"Snacking on the go usually leaves something to be desired, notably either its taste or the healthiness of its ingredients. Munk Pack found a way to create a grab-and-go snack that'€™s both delicious and made using good stuff. They'€™re also tailored to suit virtually everyone in that they'€™re vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO." -

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"Stash several MunkPack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes for filling fuel on the go. Available in Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Acai Flax and Raspberry Coconut, each tender, tasty morsel satiates with certified gluten-free oats, fruit and seeds." - Allergic Living Magazine

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"Driven by the need for convenient, portable, whole-food snacks, Munk Pack provides delicious, on-the-go nutrition for sustained energy. Munk Pack is a mix of wholegrain rolled oats, flax and fruits in the convenience of pouches, which allow for non-perishable foods to keep without the use of artificial preservatives." -

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"Munk Pack oatmeal and fruit squeezes offer a satisfying mix of whole grain rolled oats, flax, and a variety of fruit bits. A great source of fiber (3-4 grams), the organic and gluten-free squeezable pouches provide you with delicious sustained energy to help keep you going throughout day." -

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"Let's face it. Squeeze packs are not just for kids any more. Munk Packs come in three flavors right now: raspberry coconut, apple quinoa and blueberry acai­. They'€™re a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, you guys! Makes a choice trail breakfast or snack."

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"Munk Pack products truly hit home when it comes to what the RANGE crew values in foods for outdoor adventure. We enjoy snacks that are ACCESSIBLE, YET NOURISHING, and minimal in packaging and fuss, but satisfying." -

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"Each of the oatmeal-based fruit snacks has a camping theme, which comes across on the packaging for the pouches. The ready-to-eat packs are just as ideal for kids as they are for adults, since they can be easily tucked away in a backpack, ready to refuel you after cycling, hiking or even sitting at a desk and working." -

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"Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes —€“ which consist of oatmeal and fruit in squeezable pouches —€“ are tailored towards adventurous souls and are perfectly suited to providing a burst of energy when tackling some woodland trails or mountainous treks. If you make regular trips out into the great outdoors and have been looking for some stop-gap snacks to fill the void when energy levels are sagging, these brilliant looking Munk Pack Fruit Squeezes might just be the ideal candidate." -

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"I loved that while I was out doing something good for myself I was also fueling myself with real food. I found I had enough sugar from the fruit and plenty of carbohydrates from the oatmeal or quinoa to keep my energy level where it needed to be. By the end of a long ride, after eating Munk Pack my stomach wasn't churning due to all the crap I had to consume to do a lot of miles." - Gear Genius