Munk Pack team celebrates Earth Day [full_width padding=”15px 15px 15px 15px”]To celebrate Earth Day this year, the team decided to get outside and explore the streets of NYC for the Earth Day 5K Walk & Green Tour. Hosted by Earth Day Initiative New York, the event was coordinated so we not only got to see some stunning views, but at each stop along the route we learned about a different green group that helps better our planet.

It was very cool to see all the amazing work going on right in our backyard. Between composting at the LES Ecology Center, hearing about local wind power energy efforts at Chelsea Piers, and organic rooftop gardening at the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project, it’s amazing how much time and effort is devoted to community based green projects in our city.

We enjoyed hearing others’ stories about how they celebrated earth month. Here are the winning entries from our Earth Month Contest![/full_width] [one_half padding=”15px 15px 15px 15px”]This month I traveled to Beijing, China. While in a city that is the third most polluted city in the world, I reduced my carbon footprint by walking wherever I could and by using a refillable water bottle. Instead of having my sheets and towels replaced at the hotel, each day, I opted to reuse them knowing that millions of gallons of water are wasted on washing towels that have been only used once. Although these efforts may be small, I know the importance of my actions. While in China I also had the opportunity to travel 1 hour outside the city and hike the Great Wall for a day. Seeing the incredible architecture of the stone wall that goes on for mile, the blooming cherry blossoms and feeling the crisp cool-breezy air was beyond breathtaking. – Joanna King

To celebrate Earth Day my daughters, ages 15 and 18, and I decided to give back to our planet and our favorite local trail. It was clear upon arrival that it was overgrown and long overdue for some love and attention. We ended up spending 10 hours one day walking the trail picking up trash, clearing fallen tree limbs/branches and trimming intrusive brush, to help provide a clear path for hikers. Beautiful day giving back and making memories with my girls! – Michelle Redcay[/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”15px 15px 15px 15px”]Climbing Karma. Rock Climbing is hard. Like, really hard. My friends and I watch climbing videos of our favorites pros climbing hard routes and we get super stoked and go out like, “Dude, yes. We’re so strong! Let’s go crush everything!” But as previously stated…climbing is hard and pulling your full body weight up the side of a cliff with your fingertips near impossible. That’s where climbing karma comes in. It works like this: Areas that have gorgeous rocks to climb are often frequented by climbers, hikers, and adventure seekers who sometimes drop wrappers, bottles or other garbage. This makes areas look bad, grow bad and it’s really a bummer. Taking a small bag with us on trips and picking up this garbage, then taking it to the nearest appropriate area gives us climbing karma and helps us climb harder. It’s such a small percentage of life to pick up a can or two…but this is our home. This is our sport. Does the Karma thing actually work? Maybe. If not though, I still want the outdoors to keep it’s natural beauty. I’ll still keep taking my bag out and contribute my small one percent. – Shane Collins[/one_half_last]