Nature’s Sweetener: Allulose

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Written by Chrissy Arsenault, MBA, RDN, LD

Have you heard of allulose? 

It’s a newer generation, plant-based, and natural sweetener found in Munk Pack’s Keto Granola Bars and Keto Nut & Seed Bars. Whether or not you follow a keto diet, allulose is the perfect sweetener to add to your diet if you’re trying to consume less sugar.

Learn more about allulose, its health benefits, and ways to enjoy it today.

What Is Allulose?

allulose from figs

Allulose (also known as psicose) was originally discovered in wheat in 1940 but has been found in various quantities in fruits like jackfruit, figs, and raisins. It is often referred to as a rare sugar since it occurs in nature in such small quantities.

It is the mirror image of fructose from a chemical compound perspective, but unlike sugar or fructose, it isn’t completely broken down by the body to use as energy. [1] Because of how it is metabolized in our small intestine, it contains 90 percent fewer calories than sugar (0.4 calories per gram) but has up to 70 percent of the sweetness. [2]

This natural, plant-based sweetener is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an ingredient and mixed with other sweeteners. 

Health Benefits of Allulose

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Although studies on allulose are relatively new, there are several potentially powerful health benefits of this sweetener.

Maintains blood sugar

Unlike table sugar, allulose virtually has no impact on blood glucose or insulin levels. [3] This means that when you eat foods sweetened with allulose, you don’t have to worry about nasty blood sugar spikes that leave you feeling crummy and contribute to chronic disease in the long term. Instead, you can expect your blood sugar to stay steady throughout the day.

There are several ways in which allulose helps manage your blood sugar:

  • It may help increase enzyme activity in the liver to help you regulate healthy blood sugar levels. [4] This effect was found in both healthy rats and rats with type 2 diabetes.
  • Much research on allulose shows that allulose may support an increase in insulin sensitivity. This would mean that your body can effectively use glucose. When your body is receptive to insulin, your blood sugars remain steady since insulin works to bring down your blood glucose level after eating food.
  • Some studies show that allulose may help slow down the digestion of other high glycemic index carbs. So, even if you consume a higher net carb meal or snack, you may be able to keep your blood sugar levels steady.
Supports Weight Loss

Allulose stops a key enzyme called alpha-glucosidase from breaking down sugar (sucrose) in your small intestine into glucose. Instead, your body breaks down fat and uses it for energy. [5] This is similar to how polyphenols in coffee and tea help decrease body weight and increase fat burning.

Plus, allulose contains fewer calories than table sugar. You can expect to curb your calorie intake by substituting table sugar with allulose wherever possible. Many studies have shown that low-calorie sweeteners like allulose do not cause cravings for more sweets. [6]

Reduces body fat

Higher consumption of foods containing allulose has the potential to reduce body fat mass. [7] However, this study was based on volunteers and may not be indicative of the general population.

Keeps your body in ketosis

If you live a keto lifestyle, you know how important it is to keep your body in ketosis – and many foods don’t enable that. Fortunately, allulose doesn’t kick your body out of ketosis. When your sweet tooth hits, you can satisfy that craving with foods containing allulose. The allulose in foods does not count toward the net carb calculation for foods.

Doesn’t cause gastrointestinal symptoms

Unlike other sugar alternatives like sugar alcohols, allulose doesn’t cause gastrointestinal distress. When you eat foods containing allulose, you won’t have to worry about nausea, diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

Ways to Enjoy Allulose

Munk Pack Keto Bars

Allulose can be used 1:1 as a swap for sugar in most recipes and tastes like sugar. Where you would normally consider using table sugar but don’t want the extra net carbs or sugar intake, consider using allulose.

Keto Baked Goods & Desserts

Allulose holds moisture really well compared to other low-calorie sweeteners. When swapped in recipes, cookies or cakes tend to be very moist.

It also browns much faster than sugar, so keep your eye on baked goods to ensure it doesn’t burn or overly brown! Products with a “warm” finish are great for baking with allulose. [8] Consider lowering the baking or cooking temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. The end product will have a caramelized taste to it. However, be sure to check the net carb content of any keto baked desserts before adding them to your regimen.

Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars

These nutritious and tasty low sugar granola bars only contain 1g of sugar, 2-3g of net carbs, and no high-intensity sweeteners. Instead of the mix of sugar and oats in your typical granola bars, these contain nuts and seeds that are lightly sweetened with allulose. This means that they are subtly sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without contributing to your net carb intake.

Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars

Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars contain a nutritious mix of nuts, seeds, and nut butter. This means they have a superior nutrition profile, with only 1g of sugar or less and 2-3g net carbs. These keto bars are a perfect blend of sweet and salty — all thanks to our favorite sweetener, allulose.


Allulose doesn’t crystallize when it cools, so it’s ideal for sweet yet low-carb sauces like caramel or barbeque sauce. Consider pairing allulose barbeque sauce with cauliflower “nuggets”. 


Allulose dissolves faster in beverages than regular table sugar, so it’s well suited for any cold or hot beverage. Consider adding to tea, coffee, nut-based smoothies, and fruit-infused waters. 

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t checked out allulose yet, now’s the perfect chance to try it! It tastes sweet like sugar and is found in delicious snacks like Munk Pack Keto Granola Bars and Keto Nut & Seed Bars. You can also enjoy it in other popular keto-friendly foods like sauces, drinks, and keto baked goods.

What other questions do you have about allulose? Comment below and let me know!


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