Hey, there! I’€™m Gretchen Powers (@gpowersfilm) and I’m a wedding photographer and content creator for outdoor brands. I always have a half-packed suitcase at the foot of my bed, more outdoor gear than ‘€œnice clothes’€ and my dog likes Munk Pack snacks as much as I do. With the busiest part of the wedding season behind us, it’s time for those with 2017 wedding dates to start planning. If you are looking to plan the most memorable, beautiful, exciting outdoor adventure wedding, keep scrolling to read a few of my tips. Trust me, I’€™ve seen my fair share.

Tip 1: Venue

If you are going to get hitched somewhere off the beaten path, I would recommend picking a spot you have visited before, somewhere perhaps that holds a special meaning to you and your partner. Somewhere that you can honestly tell your family and friends, ‘€”I can’€™t wait to share this place with you!”€ This helps with keeping in mind the potentially difficult details of the location–€“cell service, parking, etc. If the vista is inaccessible by those who for whatever reason cannot access, you can always play by the “€œelope now party later”€ trend that is popping up more and more. Get married on the mountain top and then host a large scale reception later in the day or later in the weekend. Perhaps you re-state your vows or have a few people read poems to ensure everyone feels included in your big moment.

Tip 2. Weather

Once you have picked your venue, make sure you have a weather plan in place. This can mean an alternative spot in the area or come prepared with umbrellas and lots of dry socks. Leading up to your special day, make sure to check the weather regularly. While I personally love photographing in the rain, snow or fog, your family and friends may not think as kindly upon you if you are ill prepared.

Tip 3. Attire

If you are going to get married on a mountainside, in a riverbed, or somewhere in between, it’€™s always a good idea to plan on appropriate attire and footwear–whether that is some leather flats, dressy sandals, rain boots or bare feet“–guys this applies to you–slippery dress shoes are not fond of scaling mountains or hopping across wet rocks. “Ladies”€“ chances are great (like 97% great) that your white dress (if you wear white) will get dirty. If you accept that as part of the process from the beginning I guarantee you will have a better, more relaxed day.

Tip 4. Photography

The single most asked question I’€™ve heard this summer is, “€œif you like shooting for outdoor brands so much, how can you stand shooting weddings!?” My response to this is twofold. First, I am lucky enough to have awesome clients who love being outside and are usually up for just about any photo opportunity I suggest; even if it means hiking up a mountainside or over some slippery rocks. I’m still in my element–I’€™m just shooting humans in love who are in pretty clothes as opposed to backpacks, jackets and Munk Packs. Second, I approach each wedding day with the same mentality that I do a commercial shoot€“ enjoy it as much as if I were outside enjoying the day on my own terms. I shoot with a mix of photojournalist documentary style and often prompt couples to do or say something to each other in order to create some of the fun candid moments everyone loves. My advice to you if you are planning an adventurous wedding, is to hire a photographer who has experience in shooting all of the elements, isn’€™t afraid of snakes or spiders, has great balance and a phenomenal sense of adventure.

If you are reading this on Munk Pack’€™s blog, you might be wondering what the heck any of this has to do with their Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes. Well, after bringing a box of my Munk Packs to a few recent weddings I can tell you that Munk Pack is, without a doubt, one of the best wedding-day snacks around. On a day when many couples forget to eat, or are too stressed to, Munk Pack’s snacks are easy to eat, have a low chance of mess on fancy clothes and are packable“ chocolate chips and granola bar crumbs are the worst to try and get out of a lacy dress (trust me, I know).