Outdoor Education: Teaching Kids About the Great Outdoors

A man with his child and dog doing outdoor learning by the lake

We live in a technological age where many people, especially children, are glued to their screens. While technology has certainly afforded us plenty of benefits, there’s nothing like learning from nature and experiencing the great outdoors for some real education. 

Spending time outside and getting kids involved in nature is one of the best ways to expand their horizons and overall well-being. Make outdoor learning fun with unique activities and it won’t be long before your kids catch the outdoor “bug.”

Connect to Nature in Your Own Backyard 

The best place to start learning in nature can be right at home. If you live in a suburban or rural area, your own backyard could provide plenty of outdoor education for your kids. If the city is your playground, try visiting a public park with greenery. Pro tip: do a little preemptive research to learn about the different types of plant and animal species in your area so both you and your children can identify them. This will also be important for avoiding things like poison ivy or venomous snakes — which can give you an outdoor education, but not in the way you want! Take your kids outdoors and explore close to home. Getting your kids out in nature is a great first step. 

Take a Hike to Get Kids in Touch with Nature

Once you and your kids are relatively acclimated to the great outdoors, the next step could be to expand your horizons and go outside your neck of the woods – literally! Taking a light hike or a nature walk is a fun idea for parents, but could also be useful if you’re a teacher and are looking for nature lesson plans for elementary students. A tip for making this as enjoyable as possible is to prepare ahead of time. Toss some snacks for the kids and for yourself into your backpack to make sure you don’t get too hungry. Munk Pack’s Keto Granola Bars and our Nut & Seed bars are perfect to keep you fueled while you and your crew are learning outdoors.  

Visit a Nature Reserve for Outdoor Education

No matter where you live, taking a trip to a nearby nature reserve is a wonderful way to get kids, teens, and people of all ages involved in nature. Take in the outdoors and make a whole day of it! Consider booking a tour with an experienced guide who can lead you around the grounds and explain everything you’re seeing. Even just spending the day outside with other people who appreciate nature will teach kids about the importance of preserving this great planet in which we live. A day at a park or a nature sanctuary could make all the difference in your child’s outdoor education and help them better connect to the world around them.

Your world is what you make it. Choose your adventure, take chances, and fuel your life with Munk Pack. We empower people to lead active, healthy lifestyles on the go. Join the movement when you try out delicious and nutritious plant-based snacks today!

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