Snacks Under 150 Calories

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Snacks make for a great midday energy boost to help keep you fueled and energized. Not only can snacks give you an extra boost to help you beat the 3pm slump, but they can also keep your metabolism active too. The key to healthier snacking, however, is to make sure you’re choosing snacks made with high-quality ingredients that provide nutritional value.

The ideal number of calories for a snack depends on your individual caloric needs, which factor in your body’s composition and your activity level. Aiming for snacks at or around 150 calories may be helpful if you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight.

About Snacks Under 150 Calories

There are tons of snacks that come in at or under 150 calories, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be satisfying. Plain veggie sticks, fruits, and even some sugary treats could hit the numbers, but they’ll probably do little when it comes to keeping you satisfied until your next meal. That means you will likely be reaching for another (and another) thing to munch on, which can quickly add up. 

The ticket to smart snacking is to find something that will keep you full without overdoing it on the calories. Some ideas for easy DIY snacks under 150 include:

  • 1 tbsp peanut butter and celery
  • ½ cup plain, plant-based yogurt 
  • A small handful of pistachios

If you’re looking for an even easier, pre-packaged snack of around 150 calories, why not try Munk Pack? 

Popular Munk Pack Snacks Around 150 Calories

Munk Pack’s Keto Nut & Seed Bars are a delicious combination of sweet and savory flavors. Reward yourself with keto-friendly fats in a bar with 3g net carbs and less than 1g sugar! This low-sugar snack bar contains 140-150 calories and is available in six flavors – sea salt dark chocolate, peanut butter dark chocolate, caramel sea salt, coconut almond dark chocolate, macadamia white chocolate, and pumpkin seed cinnamon almond. 

Another popular snack under 150 calories is our Keto Granola Bar. At only 140 calories, these bars are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up that will give you the sustenance you need to power through your day without going overboard on calories. Our Keto Granola Bars are made with plant-based ingredients, such as coconut, almond butter, and flax seeds. These ingredients provide a good source of fiber, calcium, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Keto Granola Bars are available in five flavors – coconut cocoa chip, almond butter cocoa chip, blueberry almond vanilla, peanut butter cocoa chip, honey nut, and dark chocolate cocoa, and honey nut. 

Why Choose Munk Pack?

Munk Pack takes pride in our commitment to providing premium high-quality and nutritious snacks. We deliver plant-based nutrition in the form of on-the-go snacks to help you live active, healthier lives. Munk Pack puts your health and wellness at the heart of our innovative food creations, so you don’t have to compromise on taste for nutrition. Can’t choose just one? We offer variety packs so you can try them all!

Shop for snacks around 150 calories today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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