Summer Time-Saving Tips

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Summer is a time for activities, adventures and outdoor fun! However, our busy lives can easily cut into the time we’d rather be spending outdoors enjoying ourselves. Day to day tasks like cooking, cleaning and running errands are all unavoidable things that can unfortunately eat into our fun time. So, here are a few time-saving tips to help you better manage your time and keep you doing more of the things you love, like hiking, boating, camping and enjoying a Munk Pack Protein Cookie while taking in views that only Mother Nature could’ve created.

Cut Down on the Clutter

Just because you may know where everything is, doesn’t mean your home isn’t cluttered! Cutting down on the clutter in your home can help you in a few different ways, namely:

  • It helps you to focus on what you’re doing instead of being distracted by visual clutter
  • It’s more serene and relaxing
  • It saves time

How does it save time? It makes things easier to find, easier to clean, easier to navigate, and reduces wasted time reshuffling, sorting, looking through, and clearing away piles of clutter. This actually goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the next tip.

Keep Things in their Place

Having a “home” for everything saves time. You can have an uncluttered home, but still not know where anything goes or where anything is. Instead, have a place for everything and put things back in that place when you’re not using them. If this sounds vaguely familiar, you’re probably remembering your parents telling you something similar, “put it back where you found it,” when you were growing up…or you’re just as obsessed with Marie Kondo as some of us are. It takes only a few seconds to do this and will save you time cleaning up later, looking for things and generally keeping things neater and uncluttered.

Prep for your Day the Night Before

Whether you’re single or have a household full of kids, mornings might be a rush for you. Instead, create an evening routine where you get everything ready the night before. This way, you can start your day off right. While this might not technically save time in the great scheme of things, it gives you more time in the morning to focus on getting important things done rather than rushing through your routine. It will also help you make sure you don’t forget anything in the morning if you’re leaving in a rush.

Plan Weekly Menus

If you plan out what you’re going to have to eat (both lunch and dinner) each day of the week, you can save a lot of time. First, you can go grocery shopping and get everything you need all at once — in fact, if you repeat the weekly menu the next week, you can do two weeks of shopping in one trip. Second, you can prepare food ahead of time (see next tip), and pack your lunch easily for work. Third, you don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner each evening, since it’s right there on the menu you posted on the fridge.

Also, be sure to have healthy, smaller snackable items well stocked if you need something quick on the go. Our complete Protein Cookie or Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze are both excellent items to keep on-hand for such situations.

Cook in Large Batches

Don’t just cook for one meal, cook enough food for several at a time. Making larger batches of everything you cook will leave you with leftovers, which can be eaten for lunch or dinner in the coming days. This will not only cut down the time you spend in the kitchen (both cooking and cleaning up afterwards), but could also save you money in the long-run. Since you already have food prepared, you’re less likely to get fast food or something less healthy to save time.

Run All Errands at Once

Write your errands on an errands list throughout the week and do them all on one day. Plan your route so you do the least amount of driving possible, and get it all done quickly. Compared to running multiple errand trips, this method saves a lot of time and gas.

Following these tips should help you gain a little bit of extra time this summer to do the things you’d rather be doing! What time saving tips do you employ in your everyday life?