Munk Pack Fishing Trip

When you’re on the go our Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes are ready to eat right out of the pouch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them! Our ambassador Matt, aka @mattnovak, shares his favorite tips for enjoying Munk Pack wherever your adventure takes you.

I recently got to spend a few weeks hitting the trail and sending routes while fueling up with Munk Pack. This could not have come at a better time for me as I recently made some significant changes in my diet to not only cure some health issues, but to start to achieving what I think is closer to peak performance. And that, is exactly where Munk Pack filled in all the gaps for me. Having said all of that, I’ve developed a list of tips & tricks for Munk Pack users both on and off the trail.


1. Are you snowshoeing? I’€™m going to take a guess and assume you don’€™t like frozen oatmeal and icy fruit bits yeah? Plan ahead and stick one of the Munk Packs in your breast pocket of your jacket. They’€™re small enough to not get in the way and your body heat keeps it at a non-freezing temp.

This works in reverse as well: If you’ve settled down for a mid-trail rest and you’€™ve got a cool brook nearby, chill your Munk Pack slightly in the water before eating.

2. Add on calories. One of the reasons I enjoy winter camping is because I can toss some grass-fed butter or cheese in my bag-top and it keeps. This comes in handy at bedtime if you want to fat-load before bed to keep away the chill. But really, unless you’€™re making bulletproof coffee on your jetboil you’€™d better get used to chipping off frozen chunks of butter for a midnight snack. I would take my jetboil pot immediately after boiling water, throw in a tablespoon of butter, and then squeeze my whole Munk Pack in there and mix it in. I found that the Apple cinnamon flavor lends itself best to this. Reminds me a lot of apple pie. And, with that one simple trick you’€™ve warmed your oatmeal and double the calories of your pre-sleeping bag meal.

3. Designate a small string for caps. For some reason I found it really easy to fold up and throw out the pouches but my caps always managed to end up all over the place. We’re all doing what we do largely because we love the outdoors the way they are right? So I try to keep them that way. When backpacking I kept a small string tied to the side of my pack I could easily thread the caps onto. By the end of the trip, I had a sweet rhythmic rattle to keep pace to, and I knew none of my caps would end up in lakes, rivers or streams.


1. If you’re home, fancy it up! There’s something about putting something into a dish that makes it all the better. If you’€™re not in a rush try squeezing a pack into a bowl before you sit down. Better yet, make it part of your breakfast meal if you have time. My favorite? Blueberry Acai on top of grass-fed yogurt with some tasty add-ons.

2. Pre-workout. Enough Said.

3. Share at home. I’ve always found that no one wants to try something new in the middle of a 10 mile grind, and at that point just about anything tastes good right?. Share Munk Packs with your friends at home or right when you hit the trail so they can experience the great taste and the energy boost. Then next time they’ll be on the hook to get a couple packs for you!