What Happens To Your Body If You Don’t Get Enough Protein?

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Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can be challenging for many people. Unless you’re really on top of tracking your diet, it may be hard to know whether you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients like carbs, fats, and protein. While a lot of people understand the importance of protein, not everyone knows what happens if you don’t get enough protein. What are the signs that your body isn’t getting enough protein? We’ll break down all of this and more below.

Muscle Loss
Protein plays such a huge role when it comes to building muscles, which makes sense given that our muscles are the largest reservoir of protein in our bodies. When we consume protein, it gets broken down into essential amino acids that help our bodies with various daily functions like maintaining and building new muscle. Not getting enough protein in your diet means your body may resort to using lean muscle mass for energy. Losing muscle means losing strength, balance, and could lead to a host of other health issues in the long run.

Brittle Nails, Thinning Hair, and Skin Problems
Your hair, skin, and nails are primarily made up of structural proteins called keratin. When you don’t get enough protein, your nails could become brittle and develop deep ridges over time. These are just two subtle signs that can hint at protein deficiency. Your hair could also lose some of its luster, start to thin out, and develop split ends. As for your skin, protein deficiency may lead to red, flaky, pigmented patches. While these symptoms are typically only seen in severe cases of protein deficiency, the longer the protein deficiency occurs, the more likely they are to develop.

Compromised Immune System
Not getting enough protein means your body is deficient in amino acids, which may put you at a higher risk of contracting diseases. A weakened immune system could impact your body’s ability to fight infections properly and slow down muscle recovery and wound healing. Consuming adequate amounts of protein powers your T-cells, aka the little agents that attack the immune system. Overall, while it is important to make sure you get enough protein, the best thing you can do for your overall health and wellbeing is to eat a balanced diet with all food groups including protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

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