What NOT to Eat Right Before Bed

What NOT to Eat Right Before Bed

Looking to get a good night’s sleep? Your pre-bed snack may not be helping. While there are certain foods that may help promote a restful night’s sleep (chamomile tea and almonds among them), there are also specific foods to avoid before sleep.

As a rule of thumb, eating anything heavy too close to the moment your head hits the pillow is not advised. Still, there’s no need to go to bed hungry. The idea is simply that there are some bedtime snacks that are better than others. If you’re on a mission to boost your sleep hygiene through nutrition, these are the foods to avoid before bed.

Spicy Foods

There’s a reason we all gravitate towards the cool side of the pillow. It’s because there’s nothing worse than feeling too hot when you’re in bed! Spicy food doesn’t just bring the heat in your mouth – it also raises your actual body temperature, which could make it difficult to cool down and calm down. Spicy foods like curries, hot sauce, and even hot peppers should be avoided before sleep if you’re looking to go into dreamland cool as a cucumber.


Although not a food, alcohol is definitely something that should be avoided right before going to sleep. This may seem counterintuitive, especially because alcohol is a depressant that causes some people to experience sleepiness. While a nightcap could help you drift off, it won’t help you stay asleep or enter REM. If you do end up drinking in the evening, make sure to balance it out with lots of water to stay hydrated and prevent some less than ideal consequences the next morning.


We love chocolate but eating it too late in the day or too close to bedtime won’t do any favors for your sleep. Even in its raw form, cacao naturally contains small amounts of caffeine, which could disrupt your sleep cycle and interfere with the quality of your sleep. It’s therefore best to avoid chocolate within several hours of when you’re planning to hit the hay.

Acidic Foods

Foods like tomatoes, salsa, and even certain dairy products that are highly acidic should be avoided before sleep because they may cause acid reflux. When you sleep, your body and digestive system are taking a break. Adding acidic foods into the mix will disrupt this process and leave you with extra acid in your stomach and esophagus, which could create indigestion. No one wants that! Steer clear of acidic foods before bedtime to keep your digestion in check.

Sugary Foods

It can be tempting to reach for dessert late at night, but if you do, try not to go for something too sweet. High-sugar foods like candy or even a lot of dried fruit could cause a spike in your blood sugar levels that could keep you awake. The great thing about Munk Pack bars> is they are low-sugar, which means you won’t have to worry  if you eat one as a late-night snack.

Morning, noon, or night, Munk Pack is here to help you lead active, healthy lifestyles on the go. Enjoy Munk Pack snacks wherever life takes you!

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