Brooke Froelich Skiing with Munk Pack

Winter Wandering

Golden crystals sparkle as rays of sun peek between the aspens. Cold air makes my cheeks feel alive. The atmosphere has that heavy SILENCE. Winter truly is the most magical time of year— but why aren’t more people outside? Getting outside in the winter can feel intimidating. We all have a few miserable childhood memories of trudging through the bitter snow on our way to the bus stop. People voluntarily go outside in these conditions? For FUN? Arming yourself with the right tools and a little bit of knowledge will bring the sparkle back to your winter afternoons. – @brooke.froelich

Outdoor Travel in Winter

Post-holing in the snow is NO FUN. If you don’t own a pair of snowshoes or alpine touring skis, rent a pair from your local gear shop. Snowshoeing is a PERFECT way to begin exploring trails in your area. 

Information is Power

Spending a little time learning about the snow and weather conditions will enable you to make decisions to maximize your safety and comfort. If you plan to venture into backcountry terrain where avalanches are possible, begin with an avalanche awareness course. My favorite sites to check before heading into the Wasatch backcountry are:

For info on avalanche safety near you, visit:

Dress for Success

Thoughtfully select technical and adaptable layers to wear throughout the day. I start with a thin, wicking base layer and thin compression socks. If it’s extra cold, I’ll wear a thin wool or fleece sweater over my base layer. I bring a packable puffy jacket to put on over my fleece sweater and under my Gore-Tex shell in bitingly cold conditions. I always wear a Gore-Tex shell and pants to protect against wind and moisture.  

Pack for Power

When traveling in winter conditions, it’s especially important to thoughtfully prepare your day pack.

-Food and water (Munk Pack makes it easy to eat without having to take off gloves!)

-Avalanche gear when traveling in avalanche terrain (beacon, shovel, probe).

-Maps or GPS


-Extra gloves and socks

-Extra layer

-Warm hat

-Sunscreen, sunglasses