Munk Pack Rebrands as the Anti-Sugar Snack™

    Munk Pack Rebrands as the Anti-Sugar Snack™

    Munk Pack®, the manufacturer of the original 1 gram sugar snack bar sweetened with allulose, rebrands as The Anti-Sugar Snack™ with a refreshing new look and feel. With the rebrand, the new packaging served as an opportunity to highlight Munk Pack’s superior 1 gram sugar nutrition & whole food ingredient credentials, while also improving brand recall.

    In collaboration with design and branding agency, Interact Brands, Munk Pack redesigned its logo and packaging to broaden their consumer base beyond keto and appeal to those looking for a delicious, low sugar bar. Co-founder Tobias Glienke says, “Emphasizing keto so strongly on our packaging wasn’t communicating the full nutritional value of our products and was even turning some consumers away.”

    Munk Pack’s new look and positioning enables the brand to break through the earnestness of brands in the natural food space that have left consumers wary of better-for-you promises. Co-founder Michelle Glienke says, “I personally understand the frustration of following a “healthy” diet only to be plagued with chronic fatigue and insulin resistance. Consuming even 5 grams of added sugar at snack time can easily tip the scale to exceeding the daily recommended limit. That’s why at Munk Pack we believe every gram of sugar matters and are committed to producing 1 gram of sugar snacks.”

    The American Heart Association recommends limiting total added sugars to 25 grams daily for women, and 36 grams for men. By offering products with only 1 gram of total sugar and 0 grams added sugar, Munk Pack aims to help Americans reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing taste. 

    The brand prides itself on elevating the taste and nutrition standards for low sugar snacks by crafting their products with whole food ingredients and sweetening with allulose instead of sugar alcohols. “We were early adopters of allulose because we wanted to challenge the status quo of what low-sugar snacks can, and should, taste like. With no aftertaste and virtually no impact on blood sugar and insulin, allulose is an ideal sweetener to uphold our brand promise of delivering delicious 1 gram sugar snacks without compromise,” Glienke added.

    Munk Pack in its new packaging can be found on-shelf at retailers nationwide.

    About Munk Pack

    Munk Pack creates wildly delicious 1 gram sugar, low net carb, gluten free and plant based snacks, including chewy almond granola bars and nut & seed bars. The company was founded in 2013 by husband-wife duo Michelle and Tobias Glienke with one goal: to combat the health crisis caused by high sugar foods. Today, Munk Pack disrupts the snack industry by elevating taste and nutrition standards with a commitment to whole food ingredients and sweetening without sugar alcohols. Munk Pack products are available for purchase on and in retailers nationwide including Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, Sprouts Farmers Market, Wegmans, and Publix, as well as on Amazon. To learn more about how Munk Pack is leading the anti-sugar movement follow us at @munkpack.