An Update from Our Founders

Hi everyone! 

Michelle & Toby here, founders of Munk Pack. We wanted to share some news with you as we begin a new chapter with the company.  

A lot has happened over the past 3 years: In between the product launches and delicious recipe testing, we’ve also been growing our family, moving across the country, and getting deeper into our own wellness journeys. 

Health has always been a passion of ours, so when we found out we weren’t as healthy as we thought we were…and sugar was at the root of our problems…we needed to take a moment to understand what this meant for us, our family and the way we eat.  

As we started to learn more about insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and prediabetes, and how every gram of sugar matters, we knew we had to figure out how to change our diets so we could live healthier lives.

Changing the way we eat wasn’t easy, and reducing sugar was hard! As we started looking more closely at labels, we found sugar in so many places…3 grams here, 5 grams there… It didn't seem like a lot, but when you added it up over a day, we found it nearly impossible to  follow the American Heart Association recommendation for added sugar: 24 grams of added sugar daily for women, and 36 grams for men. We were stunned!

We looked across our product lines and realized that although we specifically crafted our Protein Cookies to have a 1:1 sugar to protein ratio, we knew that with 16 grams of total sugar per cookie, they no longer met our new need for low, 1 gram of sugar snacks.

We spent many hours reviewing our options, but we ultimately came to the conclusion that at this point in time we are not able to make a protein cookie that meets our standards for taste and low sugar nutrition.

Given everything we have learned on our health journey, we feel it is important that as Munk Pack, we are doing all we can to build a movement to fight the health crisis in America caused by high sugar foods. We are starting to commit to this by focusing our efforts on delivering wildly delicious 1 gram sugar snacks.

As part of this commitment we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue our Protein Cookies. They will be for sale on our website through the end of the month and on Amazon while supplies last. If you want to stock up, all flavors purchased online have a shelf-life through at least February 2024, and they freeze beautifully.  

We hope you understand a bit more about our journey and why we made this difficult decision. We cannot thank you enough for all your support. While we are sad to see the cookies go, we are excited for everything that we have in the works at Munk Pack.

We will share more news soon!

In health,

Michelle & Toby

P.S. If you haven’t tried our bars yet we encourage you to do so! We know they may not have the amount of protein you are looking for, but they *do* have the unbelievably delicious taste you can always count on us for, with just 1 gram of sugar! Get 20% off your first order of our Granola Bars and Nut & Seed Bars on our website or Amazon with the code TRYBARS20. Offer is valid till 10/31/23 while supplies last.